Passiivi windows

The groundbreaking window solution combines energy efficiency, comfort of use and easy maintenance. The triple-glazed wood-aluminium structure offers efficient protection against varying weather with top-level heat insulation. Domlux Passiivi is also suited for low-energy construction. Available as an opening and fixed model.

Domlux Passiivi

Modern, comfortable living

An innovative window designed for northern conditions, Domlux Passiivi fulfils all the modern-day requirements in terms of energy efficiency and other features. The triple-glazed window structure represents state-of-the-art glazing technology, protecting your home against wind, water and sun.

  • U-value up to 0,64 W/m²K
  • Exceptionally leak-proof, energy efficient and long-lasting window solution
  • Enables spacious glass surfaces
  • Slim intermediate jambs allow more natural light and an unobstructed view
  • Made from top materials
  • Environmentally friendly and ecological
  • Perfect for low-energy construction
  • Easy to install, service and maintain

Operational Domlux Passiivi window

  • Operational MSE ALU structure
  • Energy efficient and reliable triple-glazed window solution
  • Frost-free Iceclear pane as standard selection
  • Triple insulation, special Domlux sealant in inner frame
  • Standard or mansion profile
  • Leak-proof and reliable glazing method, outer and inner frame glazing glue bonded
  • Standard frame depths 131, 170 and 210 mm
  • Size limit usually: single-element 3 m², multielement 6 m²

Fixed Domlux Passiivi window

  • Fixed MEK ALU structure
  • Energy efficient and reliable triple-glazed window solution
  • Frost-free Iceclear pane as standard selection
  • Large glass surfaces and slim frame profiles, perfect for a picture window
  • Sashless pane installation method with stylish finish
  • Standard frame depths 131, 170 and 210 mm, window board size according to frame depth on the inside
  • Size limit usually 4–6 m² (single-element or divided by intermediate jambs)
  • When looking for fixed windows larger than 5 m², contact us as early as possible
  • We can also provide fixed windows larger than 6 m²

Energy efficiency



  • U-value
  • E-value (FI)
  • Energy rating (FI)
  • E-value with efficient solar protection glazing (FI)
  • Energy rating with efficient solar protection glazing (FI)

Domlux Passiivi

  • U-value 0.79–0.84 W/m²K
  • E-value (FI) 51–59 kWh/m²,a
  • Energy rating (FI) A+
  • E-value with efficient solar protection glazing (FI) -
  • Energy rating with efficient solar protection glazing (FI) -

Domlux Passiivi

  • U-value 0.64–0.71 W/m²K
  • E-value (FI) 24–30 kWh/m²,a
  • Energy rating (FI) A++
  • E-value with efficient solar protection glazing (FI) 49–59 kWh/m²,a
  • Energy rating with efficient solar protection glazing (FI) A+

Domlux glass options

Insulation glass

Domlux windows keep the heat indoors. Their standard features include groundbreaking insulation glass that has been meticulously designed and guarantees top-class heat insulation.

Energy-conserving glass

So-called selective glass is highly heat-insulating and conserves energy. Such glass includes extremely thin, invisible layers of metal on the surface of the glass to prevent the warm indoor air from escaping.

Solar protection glass

Solar protection glass prevents excess thermal energy due to the sun’s radiation from entering the building. The glass is available with various features; the selective Domlux Sunclear solar protection glass, for example, offers a great basic solution.

Safety glass

Safety glazing protects people and property and minimises the risk of accident-related injuries. Various pre-stressed and laminated glazing types are typical safety glazing solutions.

Fire protective glass

The purpose of fire protective glass is to protect people and property from flames and combustion gases.

The classification is usually required for the entire window structure; in other words, the use of fire protective glass in a regular window is not a sufficient solution.

Soundproof glass

Thickening the glass, using glasses of varying thicknesses and utilising a large intermediate space improves soundproofing in soundproof glass.

Decorative and special glass

Decorative and special glass is used to create a unique look and provide cover. It can be used in individual glass and in insulation glass elements. Special glass includes iron-free glass, one-way mirror, self-cleaning glass and facade glass.

Domlux Passiivi

Colours and surface treatment

Domlux windows and doors come with the best surface treatment quality on the market. The wooden parts are finished by paint or lacquer according to your order. By special order, the colour of the wooden and aluminium parts can be adjusted from generally available colour charts, giving you numerous options from which to select.

Standard and basic colours for wooden parts

Standard and basic colours for aluminium parts